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Charlie Chan Cleaning Services provides decontamination and sanitization services for all types of buildings such as: units, homes, offices, schools, clubs, pubs, hotels, restaurants, construction sites, warehouses, factories and all food industries.

The application we use eliminates all types of bacteria, fungal and viruses, including coronavirus and OTHER unknown viruses. The decontaminant we use is called Decon7 which stands for decontaminant seventh grade - the highest grade of decontaminants. It kills and eliminates 99.9999% of all types of germs and is environmentally safe.

Servicing - Sydney and Greater Sydney areas.

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Covid-19 safe cleaning, one of the methods of sanitization or decontamination is fogging.  Let us make sure that your work  premises are virus free and safe for your staff, customers and yourself. Let us support and achieve the well being of our community.

Charlie Chan provides One - Stop - Service for the hospitality industry. Charlie Chan is the leading provider of restaurant commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning, commercial kitchen cleaning, emergency kitchen exhaust fan breakdown and motor replacement service, council health inspection jobs, commercial kitchen pest control/management and sanitization service. We are fully insured!

Our satisfied customers include chain and independent restaurants, cafes, hotels, take-away shops, clubs, country clubs, casinos, hospitals, nursing homes, retirement villages, schools, supermarkets, cafeterias, caterers, function centres, food processing and industrial organisations.  

"We work 24 hours everyday to suit your need!" 

"We pay attention to detail and top quality work!"

Committed to service, our motto "We Deliver As Promised!"


Charlie Chan specialises in cleaning all type of commercial kitchen exhaust systems, commercial kitchen cleaning, kitchen exhaust fan breakdown and motor replacement service, council health inspection jobs and commercial kitchen pest control/management service and sanitization service.

Please Note: All our customers will receive photos of before and after shots of jobs for commercial kitchen exhaust, ducting, fan(s), kitchen equipment(s) and commercial kitchen cleaning, upon completion.

With many years of experience keeping commercial kitchen exhaust systems grease-free and fire-safe, you can feel confident in our full range of innovative and professional signature cleaning solutions. Make sure you are on the safe side - not the fire side - by relying on Charlie Chan, because there is a lot more to kitchen safety than meets the eye. 

Give us a call  and let us show you what we can do for your establishment. We give an obligation free quotation. Located in the heart of Sydney, our mobile services comes to you.

ABN: 79 134 882 125

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